We Are All Meant To Thrive




Hello and welcome,


The Free Kid Movement is a site created for you the viewer! Our goal here is to provide a safe yet fun atmosphere and hopefully help guide you on the path of enlightenment. How would you like to rewire your perspective and regain complete control over all your emotions? Well you too, can achieve what I have what I have. If you want to learn the way to complete happiness, then sign up and create a member’s profile. Over the next few month I will be sharing my techniques.


Many of the world problems that we face have gone un-contested because there are just not enough of us that are truly self-aware. Many humans have lost touch with their creator and have filled the void with many things that work as suppressors, these suppressors are called cravings!


It’s time you took control of your life!




Do you want to live the rest of your life happy?


Overcome any negative emotion in seconds?


Be a better person?


Have more friends?


Become an influencer?


Achieve existing unreachable goals?


Start your own company or get your dream job?


Stop bad habits, such as drinking and smoking?




Well guess what? You already hold the key and I plan on sharing with you just how to unlock your own true potential. It all starts here with the first order of business. “Consumption”


What do I mean by consumption one might ask? All that you consume, period. Some may have to take baby steps at first, but for the next 30 days, avoid watching the news, reality T.V, drama, etc. Mater a fact, do not watch or listen to anything that is not motivational, inspirational or educational. Create list of five goals that you wish to achieve over the next five years, next create a list of five things that you will practice over the next 30 days that will help you achieve these goals.




Repeat this everyday for the next 30 days, try not to miss a day. It does not matter when you do it within the day, just start the process of creating alternate habit. Next, I have provided video content on the under the “Sponsor by Viewing” tab and written articles under the “Self-Help” tab in the header menu above, that will lead you in the right directions. The next step is to consume, by watching or reading positive content at least thirty minutes a day for the next 30 days. This is only one of seven techniques that I will be sharing that will help you on your journey to enlightenment so that you may become self-ware.






I am living proof that through finding true self-awareness, life can become whatever you desire.


Unlike most people online, I do not charge for my knowledge, love and support, I share it freely because it is the will of GOD. Sure, I have a couple pages that are designed to raise money on this site and we do accept donations at the bottom of each page, but these funds are 100 % dedicated to website cost, for hosting, upgrades, marketing and advertisements.




I really hope that you decided to become a part of the team.


Our main goal outside of teaching self-awareness is to help our nations heroes overcome struggles like PTSD.