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The Free Kid Social is designed to be a safe and secure social media platform.  By creating an account, you agree that all posted content shared by you is your own and it is in no way affiliated with any company owned by The Free Kid LLC. Please know, we have the right to terminate you account for any reason that violates these terms.


Content related to discrimination, racial topics, politics, pornography, or hate is prohibited and can result in a permanent band from all of our sites listed under The Free Kid LLC. This platform is secured with advanced security features and encryption certificates that will help ensure that your information is kept safe from hackers and any type of bots that may risk the integrity of your personal information.


If you are caught over spamming, harassing, bulling, or acting in a inappropriate manner you will be given a single warning and the next time your account will be terminated. We encourage all users to produce positive, motivational and educational content that will help others by inspiring, educating and lifting others up.


Help me keep this platform clean of garbage post, by reporting anything that you feel violates these terms.

Thank you for joining The Free Kid Social, a part of The Free Kid Movement. We welcome to the best social media platform ever. Together we can help make the world a better place!


Please feel free to email me or contact me about any question you may have.

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